The famous series of Japanese videogames in a pro-erotic style that responds to the name of SENRAN KAGURA five years ago: with six games on the go (excluding the reissue of ESTIVAL and the title for mobile phones), the work of Kenichiro Takaki has received consensus (and countless criticisms) all over the globe, even in our small italic peninsula.

Inauguration of the site that celebrates the fifth anniversary, Marvelous! anticipates what will be the future of the franchise: a new SENRAN KAGURA will see the light next year, in the 2017. However, it has not yet been made known on which or which platforms it will see light.

The main series, born with the same title, was developed on Nintendo 3DS and has three games, the most recent of which is SENRAN KAGURA 2: Deep Crimson. At the same time, he moved to the consoles of the family PlayStation with the spin-off "VERSUS"And with the rhythm game"Dekamori"(Bon Appétit! in the west). The first of them, SHINOVI VERSUS, also came on PC via Steam, thus bringing the series finally to the mercy of PC Gamer (and the modder), which in the meantime await news regarding the arrival of the second and highly appreciated ESTIVAL VERSUS on the Valve platform.

We just have to wait and cross our fingers, basing ourselves in the admiration of the new artwork designed by the character designer Nan Yaegashi for the occasion.