It is Richard Leadbetter (Digital Foundry) to say that The Last of Us Remastered will be the first title to support the 4K available on the PS4 Pro.

These are the words used to argue its version and to give us some more detail:

"The PlayStation 4 standard edition of the game features a 30 hz mode with high resolution shadow maps. PlayStation 4 Pro lets you keep the shadow map filters as close as possible, along with a native 4K resolution. It is therefore the first absolute game on PS4 Pro to offer a true 4K experience, "Leadbetter explained.

It can be seen that it will be possible, thanks to the settings, of increase the frame rate to the detriment of the resolution quality.

For PS4

We are still skeptical about the impact of PS4 Pro on the video game world, we just have to wait for November to have it in our hands.