We find ourselves commenting on the umpteenth unhappy stockpiled by Nintendo against fan-made products that use (used) intellectual property without a license.
The last victim is the nice guy "No Mario's Sky", a combination of a Mario Galaxy in 2D and the game of the moment, "No Man's Sky". How do the creators know (ASMB Games) from place of the game, the title is no longer available at the home of a Nintendo complaint. The reaction of the fans did not wait: many comments "Too late Nintendo, the game is now online in many Torrent sites" and in general of esteem and solidarity towards programmers.

No Mario's Sky is however only the latest victim of this nefarious and intransigent campaign towards fan-made and substantially for-fun projects. It all started about a month ago, when the gaming giant asked for the immediate removal of 562 products that violate copyright, including the well-known "Pokémon Uranium" and "Project AM2R". Who the complete list with the written request for removal.

Now, the question I want to ask is: why? Why Nintendo? They have to explain to me why I can not understand the meaning of all this. First of all, I can not imagine the time lost to trace, notify offenders, and monitor the situation. In secundis, for what? For projects that NOT lucrano on the mark (none of the games mentioned was even remotely paid) but that RATHER promote it and make it a tribute? No sense, Nintendo.

Instead of making "bullies" and losing time with small and harmless fish, they should try to use it to create new games and thick consoles. Or perhaps the reason is just that ... a reaction frustrated to see fan-made fan projects made more convincing than all their products from the 2006 onwards?

And what do you think?