The producer and director of the homeMMORPG SQUARE ENIX, Naoki Yoshida, released the thirty-first episode of "Letter from the Producer LIVE"Celebrating the three years and over six million players scattered around the world for FINAL FANTASY XIV, which will soon arrive at the 3.4 version with the patch "Soul Surrender"Scheduled for 27 September next. More details in the press release that we include below.


A new "Letter from the Producer LIVE" unveils new content for the award-winning MMO

FINAL FANTASY® XIV celebrates its third anniversary and continues to welcome new players in the world of Eorzea®, which now has more than six million players from around the world, excluding the free trial version.

To celebrate, the development team of FINAL FANTASY XIV has made a live broadcast of the duration of 14 hours inviting viewers to join. The broadcast included the 31esima "Letter from the Producer LIVE", where producer / director Naoki Yoshida unveiled new content coming up, discussed and responded to fan comments and more. In this episode Yoshida introduced and explained in detail all the contents of the 3.4 patch, "Soul Surrender", which will be available from the September 27. The new patch will include, among other things, new main scenario missions, dungeons, challenges and the final leg of the raid dungeon to 8 Alexander players.

You can find a summary of the "Letter from the Producer LIVE Part XXXI" at the following link:

The third anniversary also continues in the game with the seasonal event "The Rising", a commemorative celebration with fun activities and fantastic prizes for the players. Detailed information is available on:

With the release of the 3.35 patch last month, which introduced the first deep dungeon of the game for the millions of inhabitants of Eorzea, FINAL FANTASY XIVcontinues to offer a fantastic experience of FINAL FANTASY online. The game continues to offer a range of content to its growing community with regular updates, including the recent collaboration with LEVEL-5 that brought characters to YO-KAI WATCH ™ in the world of FINAL FANTASY XIV. Further details on the collaboration are available at the following link: