today CAPCOM announced Monster Hunter Frontier Z to PlayStation 4, marking the much-acclaimed return of the historic brand even on the last home console Sony . Monster Hunter Frontier Z is an online multiplayer game based on the gameplay and main mechanics that have always characterized the much loved franchise of the well-known Japanese software house. Following the long parenthesis on PC, where the title has been present since 2010, CAPCOM has decided to make it available to all PlayStation 4 players, who will benefit from the latest version of the much-acclaimed cooperative game.

The title will debut on PlayStation 4 Japanese the September 22th, while all those who own the current version of Monster Hunter Frontier G, already available on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360 e Wii U, will have the opportunity to update it to the Z version as of 9st November.

To make matters worse, CAPCOM has decided to publish some official images and artwork of the title online accompanied by the game trailer, available on the Youtube channel of MHFofficial.

Here you can find the ad trailer.

Monster Hunter Frontier Z - Trailer