"Playing video games is bad, do not come to me to cry when you go to school!" How many times did we hear this phrase? How many times did we want to tell our mother and our teachers that it's not true, but did not we have the evidence to testify?

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Finally the moment we were all waiting for has arrived! A recent study by the RMIT University of Melbourne, AU it shows that boys who spend time playing video games have one better school performance, especially for scientific subjects.

The study involved more than 12 thousand students of high schools, some of them engaged almost every day in front of video games. They were the ones who had just reached an average higher than the average 15 points in math and 17 points in science.

Already in the 2013 a research carried out by 'University of Padua had highlighted the ability to play video on children with learning difficulties. In fact, by subjecting a group of dyslexic children to 12 hours of play on action video games, the researchers found that the improvement of their reading ability was higher than that of another group subjected to a year of spontaneous reading.

The Australian study also stressed that the intelligences put in place to overcome the challenges in video games enhance the learning skills in the school.

In summary, the result of these studies is the one that is still stored against those who always have their finger pointed against the video game. And you, dear readers who attend the school, remember that studying is important and do not use video games as an excuse!