The rumors have been circulating for a couple of days now but, before throwing yourself into a panic without the absolute certainty that they were true, we preferred to wait for an official communication from SQUARE ENIX. And so it was, first with a video where Hajime Tabata, producer of the game, apologized to the players explaining the reasons behind this decision, then with the press release spread a few hours ago from Koch Media. As you have certainly guessed the title, FINAL FANTASY XV will no longer be available from September 30th, as announced in the Magna Pump from the Chocobo home time before, but the next 29st November, its PlayStation 4 e Xbox One.

Below, the Tabata video followed by the words of SQUARE ENIX.

Announced the New Release Date for FINAL FANTASY XV

Milan, August 15 2016 - In order to offer the finest experience of FINAL FANTASY to the public all over the world, SQUARE ENIX® today announced that the global release date of FINAL FANTASY® XV will be the 29 November 2016.

This new date will enable development teams to further fine-tune the game and to complete the quality control phases with the aim of offering a final gaming experience that is both in line with the expectations of fans and with those of creative teams.

"From the time I started working on this project, the intention was to create a level of freedom and realism to prove to the players ever achieved in the history of this series. Unfortunately, we need a little more time to reach the goals we have set ourselves, and we are confident that this new launch date will help us in that, "said Hajime Tabata, game director. "As director and head of this project, I would personally apologize for this further wait. I and the whole team want it FINAL FANTASY XV reach the level of perfection our fans deserve. We kindly invite you to have patience. "
The full Tabata video is available at the following link:

We will keep you informed of the release dates of the KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV™ e BROTHERHOOD FINAL FANTASY XV ™. The release date of the digital version of KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV will remain unchanged (30 August).