controller playstation 2
The DualShock 2

The first time I took a hand controller was in the distant 2003, I was still a child but I was beginning to understand what my great passion would be. I just had the PlayStation 2 (which I still jealously keep), and I did not know that the "remote control" (so I called it this way) was called DualShock 2. I still remember what I felt as soon as I picked up the joypad for the first time, an indescribable feeling. The emotion was even stronger when, playing Formula One 2002, the controller vibrated in my hands, it seemed like magic ... I almost cried when, due to a jumped contact, I was forced to replace it. I changed it with a controller compatible, which I used for years even with the PC

I still keep that original Sony DualShock 2 in the box of video games, along with the Game & Watch and to all those "relics" that have been part of my childhood and therefore of my life.

I have decided to retire after years of honorable service the compatible controller, I will use it only for the PlayStation 2. For the PC I will use a joypad Xbox 360 wireless, but that's another story ...