Sony Interactive Entertainment today announces the release date Gravity Rush 2 to PlayStation 4, sequel of the title of SCE Japan Studio originally landed on PlayStation Vita also in Europe. Adventures of Cat will continue in our country 30st November, the next day in Japan and two days later in North America and the UK.

Anyone who will book the game in our country will receive an exclusive white costume to download for Kat, as well as a selection of the soundtrack from the game (Director's Choice Soundtrack). If such reservations will be made through PlayStation Store, you may also receive a downloadable theme for the Sony console.

The luckiest Japanese will also be able to receive a Blu-ray containing a CG short film called Gravity Daze The Animation: Overture, animated by 3D from Studio Khara (Rebuild of Evangelion). In this anime the events between the first and second game of the series will be narrated.

Let's finally get the new trailer to announce the release date of the game: NEW HEIGHTS.

Gravity Rush 2 - Trailer