No, I will not give you a link to buy the key di Black Ops 12 to a few pleural.

Today we talk about serious robin, take shovel, picose and archeologist brush and we dig in the past.

Remember the clamor that aroused the case of the keys deactivated by EA e Ubisoft? Good.

Remember the hustle and bustle created quite recently by many homes, for example Riot e Tiny Build towards the colossus Great.

Now let's all go and try to figure out how this works gray market and what are the disasters that will arise if the route is not reversed.

Far Cry Primal, one of the games "confiscated" by Bubisoft
Far Cry Primal, one of the games "confiscated" by Bubisoft and Electronic Arts

In essence, it's all fairly simple but I will try to be as clear and concise as possible. In the first case EA blocked, you know I love playing games, pretty much all the keys to games like Far Cry 4 e Far Cry Primal because they thought they were bought with credit cards stolen on their digital call distribution platform Origin. Where is the gut, even those who bought their own loose ways key, we have seen these games private. Because? The key generated by the system Origin originally, MAMMA I FACT OF NEW, were not redeemed by buyers but sold for sale on well-known portals like G2A e Kinguin, thus resulting in the end of the identical fraudulent process, as originals, CRISTO, to those legitimately purchased.

What is happening at this point? The cardholder denounces theft, the card is blocked and the money returned, the key site The money has now been pocketed, and the final buyer, despite his inability, has already redeemed the key to the game. Who gives us back? In the first instance I do developer because he has his accounts key in circulation and later, we will look at it later.

The developer is therefore bound to three possible scenarios:

  1. Check it out individually each key, a titanic effort for EAlet's figure for example for the poor Tiny Build;
  2. Invalidates in block all key exit, then go to a danno to who has legally purchased the game;
  3. Does not do nothing and loses a barrel of money.

So the sites of key Are Money Recycling Centers? . There are people who like me every once in a while find themselves key in addition and to round off try to sell them, surely they are not all cheaters within those sites. Certainly it is reasonable to ask what percentage it is, but we do not know it.

The ruin-friendship game with the ability of flying flying madonnas
The ruin-friendship game with the ability of flying flying madonnas

Going to the case Tiny Build, this indie developer we know well for speed Runners, Punch Club e Party Hard, has denounced no receipts for about 450mila dollars. Such a small reality I wonder, with so few employees, how could it do to implement the points listed above? It would lose a mountain of money in every case, except in the second point where we would also have a bad advertisement, and we know very well how difficult it is to emerge nowadays on the web.

This intro on DVDs was obviously burnt, of course, burned
This intro on DVDs was obviously burnt, of course, burned

The developer even went so far as to say that the hypothesis of his games is much better pirated which did not sell to so little on the sites of key, in fact, he made a sensation tweet a few weeks ago that recited pretty much "Better Pirates Thieves".

In conclusion, on the one hand we have houses triple A with millionaires revenues, likely to be marginalized by these "losses"On the other side the house indie which risks bankruptcy and bankruptcy.

At the center we are, poor str ** zi, that rightly, we try to save a little.

However, I am the idea of ​​affectionate buyer of these sites key, that sooner or later ALL the houses could lose interest to develop for the market PC, or at least they could put it in the background because of considerably lower earnings than other platforms.

PS: At the beginning I mentioned the Riot Gameswell, he officially announced he never had to deal with G2A and asked for their products to be withdrawn from the well-known portal, refusing any future collaboration as well sponsorship.