As the title CEO di Niantic, John Hanke, announced that it might arrive feature concerning the exchange of Pokemon among coaches.

Hanke he adds that this new feature would be of great importance as, as we have seen in all the latest games Pokemon, from Black e White then thanks to the connection Internet, would greatly increase interactions between users in the real world. And then let's all talk about it, for now it's played only, even the only one to belong to team absolutely nothing and we can not have fun with our friends.

This is definitely one of the most desired features from all of us. We remember that Pokèmon GO has not been released yet and surely there will be novelties in conjunction with the release and in subsequent periods.

Hanke also, forgive me for the word play but it was too stupid and deserved to be written, emphasizing the improvements regarding the augmented reality, strong point of this title.

Do you think so? What feature would you like to see?