Who is usually attending Facebook will now have an intuition: the fever of Pokémon GO has infected a lot more users than you could imagine, including who, of Pokémon and video games real, he did not even want to hear it. Now it's not uncommon to see people with cell phones in their hands a little everywhere, constantly searching for one PokéStop or new creatures to add to their collection. However, with an uncertain period that separates us from the official launch in our country, the APK files that have begun to circulate on the net are irretrievably ended to become victims of the intruders involved in taking control of the devices of others.

So pay close attention to Pokémon GO APKs that you download and install on your Android devices, because there are some maliciously infected ones: let's talk about DroidJack, a RAT that allows malicious people to take control of the devices on which they are installed. To check if the app on your smartphone is genuine, get an antivirus and scan, then verify the permissions required by Pokémon GO for operation. The game of Niantic Labs requires access to Microphone, Call, Contacts, Location e Reading and send SMS / MMS. The infected APK, besides these, also requires access to Bookmarks e Web History, Activation e Deactivating the Wi-Fi network and l 'Automatic Startup (Source: HD Blog).

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