Here we are here again guys, Nintendo, Niantic Labs inc., Google we have decided to give hope back to us, something worth living in short.

It does not matter that you are a bleach, a professor or Wolverine retired. You. In July (obviously you do not know exactly when you're complaining to them). actually download Pokémon Go and you will start wandering around the world with your sphere you will launch and all Pokemon so catch me, live i Pokemon tough and propromp ...

Okay calm. The release date was set at the end of July on a global scale.

The announcement was given during the conference of Nintendo to E3. At the same time we will also have the release of the famous bracelet Pokémon Go + at the price of 34,99$. The bracelet will connect via bluetooh to our intelligentetelefono warning us with a slight vibration and a LED notification of the proximity of a Pokemon.

Definitely more useful than Powerball. Do you remember that thing?
Definitely more useful than Powerball. Do you remember that thing?

They also revealed that they will be fine four starter, Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle e Pikachu. For those who did not know the current plans of Nintendo e Niantic only concern the first generation, then 151 Pokémon. Recall that i Pokemon will be shared by geographic areas as far as the gyms the infrastructure will be similar to Ingress, with Pokemon defenders of these are exactly like the energy pylons.

Le developments will come through rare candies which will be earned by capturing others Pokemon and defeating other coaches.