The Elder Scrolls is a title that matches a world of expectations. However, we are not talking about the sixth chapter after Skyrim that we all await, but its spin off called The Elder Scrolls: Legends.

I was recently invited to the beta and I must say that the game promises really well. Although there are plenty of cards game starting from magic to get to hearthstone (and everyone with a very solid fan base), it must be said that this title can, with good reason, carve out its right market share .


Legends is a card game featuring characters and places from the various elder scrolls and will have three classic game modes: Campaign, Arena and Battle. The games will take place according to a style that everyone knows by now, eliminating the opponent by eliminating the vital points (magic) and an increasing amount of mana from turn to turn to play the cards (hearthstone). The creatures and powers of the cards for those already familiar with this kind of games will not have any particular additions to your experience, but something new and interesting in the combat system is there. I am talking to you in particular of the division of the gaming table that will be both horizontally and vertically, practically we will no longer have the classic face to face across the board but rather a sort of Cartesian plan with fights both right and left of the player and well distinct from each other. In fact the creatures that you will play on your right, in the vast majority of cases, will not be able to attack the opposing ones on your left and vice versa. It seems a foolishness, but in reality it forces us to implement strategies that are very different from how we used to be.

I also found some diversity in deck construction. Before reaching the selection of the cards, in fact, we will be induced to choose two attributes among five possible: Strength, Resistance, Agility, Intelligence and Will. The combination of your choices will determine the class of your deck and, consequently, the cards best suited to your playing style. Another important aspect, as you level up with your character the cards in your possession can evolve and become enhanced versions of the same card, for example, a recruit card can turn into a soldier card with improved powers and abilities and so on.

Then speaking of the Arena mode, it seems to be far more meritocratic than the hearthstone for now, but we will see if it will continue in this direction, as it is still unclear what the business model of this product is.

However if you are fans of The Elder Scrolls, the setting that surrounds it and the LORE (LORE, LORE xD) then you should really try it, especially for the narrative aspects of the story mode that are really tasty. If you just want to play a card game this title could be for you if you intend to experiment with different mechanics than the usual titles on the market.

Have fun!