I swear I will not take you to the bottom, today I suggest something that might sound like randombut we go with order. And to please no comment on the image in evidence, we all know what it looks but there is no need to write it in this place.

A team of independent developers, namely the MadMind Studios, announced their parrots, Agony, a title that will deal with a damned soul and its journey to hell, a soul that will be able to control even some demons. The title will turn into U and it will be one First Person Survival Horror.

Unfortunately for now there are no other additional details, but I leave you with the teaser trailer and a possible "release date" during 2017. Do not complain as usual, but thank you very much Astaroth that we have not talked about 2018 or 2019 as often happens.

So guys now ask you a minimum of commitment, this is the teaser trailer, you will have to look at it twice, the first with the 'original sound.

The second time with this song in the background. Everything will get more meaning and, have fun!