Was it not enough to break the Maroon 5 on the ground? Coffee Stain Studio has revealed the launch and relative commencement of console development for the expansion of its famous Goat Simulator.

Soon we can go to bring havoc even in space Waste of Space. Thanks to CrowdKicker it seems that colonies have been founded in space (all quietly devastating). On the net it is rumored that the release date will be for the 26 May. In fact, the title is already pre-saleable on the digital delivery platform Steam to the modest figure of thousands of thousands in the form of DLC. (Sattoh DLC's disease did not only affect EA)


Our indomitable goat will have to deal with, apparently, even the "futuristic" Darth Vader with Miracle Blade Laser.

I leave you with the trailer full of quotes from Star Trek ad Half Life, Via Star Wars going straight to the black hole of dementia which is this game we so much like.

Let us know how much dysentery it will cause this expansion, or, for those strong palates but refined taste, you will love it.