Elusive Target is part of live content that is released for HITMAN between the releases of the various episodes and represents new gameplay modes for players. The Elusive Targets are strategically positioned and constitute unique goals that appear following particular rules:

-A Elusive Target is a unique experience in the game and unrepeatable
- They are available in the game for a limited period of time - this first Elusive Target will be present for 48 hours
-The lens intelligence will be limited
-Do not appear in the instinct mode, or in the mini map and their locations will not be revealed to you- you will have to find them by yourself
- Scheduled carefully before engaging the target
-Your goal can only die once
-If she dies during the mission, that's all
-When the time runs out, they are gone forever
- If you fail, you will not have a second chance

Did you manage to catch him? It would not have been easy or maybe you did not know. In this case, next time you will be ready.
This is the trailer created ad hoc and as usual very inviting: