As you all know, 3 and 4 May was accessed in early access to Overwatch Beta. From 5 to 9 you can access all of them. Tried from 3 to date, I wanted to give you a quick account of the experience you just had.

I love Blizzard and all of its products because they manage to become E-Sport, but why: for a very important feature that they always achieve that we know by the name of "balancing". If you are talking about E-Sport in FPS, however, the reference point is and remains Counter Strike, which in addition to balancing features such as tactics, precision and patience.

Overwatch Tracer

For now, these features in Overwatch have not been found yet and more than a "serious" and E-Sport game, according to the criteria listed above, it seems to me a perfect game just for fun: too many frills. Not that there is anything wrong, be careful: continuous shoots, bouts, stage moves and frenzy lead you to playing matches on matches, which is then the goal of a game, but personally makes it a little "challenging" title.

I can definitely go wrong, but I do not know how much overwatch format you can go to among the older "pro" gamers.

Having said that, some consideration in the game:

-The black widow (sniper) is OP: in some maps it is practically unstoppable and the lesser heroes have themhotta.

-The absence of a map is overwhelming especially for those accustomed to "tactical" approaches.

- Some respawn distant light years from the lens lead to exasperation.

- The rebound is virtually non-existent: an infinite blow of shocks is essentially always on the same spot.

-Accept the Kill Assignment System, you do not understand who kills whom, who helps who and what criteria.

-Fantastic customizations.

- The best "Best Action" is played at the end of each match.

Surely I'm forgetting something, but if I'm to vote for now it would be a 7.5. Download it and try it these days, but it's worth trying to get an idea that it's both personal and personal. GL HF