Since 16 June fans of the Doctor will have the opportunity to purchase the Limited Edition PlayStation 4 bundle specially created by Sony Computer Entertainment Italia to celebrate Valentino Rossi. Special packaging, exclusive to the Italian market, will include PS4 black 1TB, the custom PS4 cover, the videogame, developed by Milestone, Valentino Rossi The Game and the Season Pass. For all those who already own PS4, Xbox One or a PC, Valentino Rossi The Game it will be available starting from the 16 June also in the stand-alone version or in the Collector Edition. Personally, the cover is really fantastic:

I have never particularly loved the games on the engines, but in this case what could be its weakness (focus a lot on Valentino Rossi) could be its strength: it is always interesting to enter and discover closely, even if only virtually, details, dynamics and characteristics of precise and existing characters and places. Furthermore, the choice of active and passive features will make the driving experience totally customizable.