Available from Tuesday, April 26 April, the Expecting Hoops mode, inspired by basketball, as the new FREE game upgrade. In addition, you will also be able to purchase the "NBA Flag Pack" license as DLC, containing the logos of all and 30 NBA teams, which can be used in the flags of the game.


After the great success at the end of last year from the "Snow Day" mode, clearly inspired by ice hockey, the new "Hoops" mode adds a real basketball experience to the classic gameplay of automotive football. In addition to the Hoops mode, the update of Rocket League will also include a new arena called "Dunk House," where the net of the basket itself can be used as a ramp for the ball, making the stunts and bounces on the main board to win the win. The new Hoops mode will be available as a free upgrade to Xbox One, PlayStation®4 and Windows PCs via Steam, and will also include a free flag with an NBA logo.

The conditions are there, I can't wait to try the new mode today. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the trailer together: