From today, those who own a next-gen console will be able to immerse themselves in the four multiplayer maps of Eclipse: Knockout, Spire, Rift e Verge, a re-imagination of the classic map of Call of Duty®: World at War, Banzai (the older ones will remember it).

Eclipse also introduces the new and anticipated Zombie Experience: Zetsubou No Shima, the second installment in Call of Duty: Black Ops III's Zombie story that unfolds across four additional BO III map packs. Origins characters carry on their mission to stop the zombie apocalypse: abandoned on a remote Pacific island that is the base of the Division 9 complex, a biological research laboratory whose experiments with Element 115 and its effects on human, animal and plant biology have created unimaginable horrors. Zetsubou No Shima features a map set on a leafy island that includes new Zombies, a variety of innovative transport mechanics, new traps and classic Zombie side missions for longtime fans.

To you the trailer, good vision!