la-date-of-output-to-final-fantasy-xv-and-confirmed-for-the-2016-v2-234398PLATINUM DEMO - FINAL FANTASY XV is a free demo that projects players in the dream world of the young Noctis. The events will be specific to the demo, and provide a unique and separate experience, not available in the main game. Players will control Noctis and learn to use different weapons with him, use magic and drive. To overcome the many monsters in this fantastic world, Noctis will have to create a bond with Carbuncle, his magical guide.

Players who complete the demo will unlock the exclusive DLC with the Carbuncle summons available at the launch of the main game. The demo is available on Xbox Marketplace for Xbox One yesterday, and on PlayStation Store for PlayStation 4.

The Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo that we have tried and you can safely find on the stores of your platforms is a tech demo, a dream sequence that will deliver you to the child's Noctis dreams, to experience a linear experience with the lighting system, time, including a mini tutorial of the combat system with characters, vehicles and some creatures that we will encounter in the main game. The demo provides only a little taste, compared to the complete, definitive and detailed experience in all its aspects of what will be Final Fantasy XV. Even though I'm only 10 years old that the whole gaming world is waiting for him, we can still say "better than nothing", content with this mini demo waiting for the title that, remember, will be on the shelves from September 30. Regarding the limited version of the game, the selling price is 269.99 Euro with much love from Mom Square enix, but it's a shame they were over (we could expect) in a few hours (so far they were only available from the official website). Well, we just have to wait; let us know what you think and, above all, what your first impressions were, trying the demo.

The new demo trailer is available on YouTube.