It was the distant 1980, I was not born yet, then Nintendo released that series of "scacciapensieri" called Game & Watch. Why this name? Simple, because in addition to playing you could also see the clock.

Game & Watch Ball, the most famous of Nintendo's "scacciapensieri" family

There were so many Game & Watch types, with various shapes, various games, one or two screens. The most famous was Game & Watch Ball, where there was also the legendary Mr. Game & Watch.

Now you will surely wonder how to make a wish for a Game & Watch, as it is no longer in production. Here's the answer: Having been a member of the Nintendo Club I had the chance to have Game & Watch Ball, but I did not have enough points. I once again had the opportunity to have one thanks to the Mystic Market of my city, but it was sold after a very short time.

I played Game & Watch Donkey Kong 3 at a friend's house, during that game I always thought about how much I wanted to have one and how much it could cost an heirloom of that value. A search on Amazon told me that Ball costs 60 euro, a really low price, and that it would arrive at my house in a month, if only it were available. Seeing that a game so imitated (just think of the jaws Tiger) is so required even nowadays is enough to understand the success of this electronic game, jealously kept by collectors and enthusiasts.

As soon as the Game & Watch will be available again on Amazon or the Market, I will definitely take the opportunity to have one of my own, maybe leaving it on the nightstand as a clock and playing whenever I want. I hope you'll come back soon so I can put it in my collection. Even though I have never had one, Game & Watch will always be in my box of video games, along with all those memorabilia I have so much wanted and yet, in one way or another, I'm part of my video game life