As anticipated in my previous article, my initial intention was to show why Ubisoft had proved to be mediocre at Collector's Edition. Then, thinking well, I realized that Ubisoft has become so mediocre as in so many areas that only Collector's Edition would have been limitative. So here, for all of you, a list of the malfeasance perpetrated by the famous company that gave it the name we will call it from now on: Ubitroll.

Let's start with the topic "Collector's Edition". Except for rare exceptions (Assassin's Creed, Black Edition of Assassin's Creed 2 and Ubishop versions from AC 3 but still optimally ONLY from 4), the management of collector's editions has always been absurd and to the limits of competence. Let's start from the first, enormous contradiction: everything is, except for the collection. I challenge you, after reading this article, to go out and go to your nearest Gamestop to ask which Collector's Edition have available to the Assassin's Creed saga. Maybe in that store they might not have any, but around town they would surely tell you about it. My personal experience: tired of spending 100 (CENTO) euro for a game that has very little limited, I decide to take the risk and take time before buying the Freedom Edition of AC 3.

assassins creed III collector's edition
The Freedom Edition in question

Result? Found, almost a year later, less than half: 40 euro. Is it, in your opinion, a normal or maybe right thing? Not to mention the so-called "limited" contents. Ahahahah, LIMITED! They call them that. I wonder what there is of limited in a fucking statue that you, Ubitroll damn, you already know you will put in business loose some time later. The digital contents are not far behind: any addition (missions, multiplayer items) passed off as unique and limited, will be available at ridiculous prices in the stores. Thank you for the correctness and for the misleading description of your products, Ubitroll. I would like to clarify and reiterate that the seriousness of the matter is given by its repetition SISTEMATICAMENTE: I have not described a single episode and never more repeated, any Collector's (excluding those mentioned at the beginning) of any Ubisoft product label makes this end. Watch Dogs and the latest Farcry can confirm it.

Let's now go to the management of their titles and the quality (increasingly poorer) of their video games. Personally, I already find it extremely difficult to keep a saga as fast as possible to the detriment of the storyline and characterization of the characters we are going to play. Everything becomes totally unacceptable when, in addition to the lack of content, the few data are also in the BETA phase. Why, Ubitroll? Why? Why? Why? After the AC: Unity scandal, the PC version of Farcry Primal is on trial right now. An error that can appear in different situations, not even after a patch by 860 MB, has prevented many users from playing peacefully. The usual apologies, reimbursements and titles as a gift from the Bishop were followed. The question posed a little while ago remains ... Why? Dear Ubitroll, in case nobody ever told you, prevention is better than cure. Moreover, even a dose of decency and self-criticism would be welcome. Really you do not notice that your titles are now empty, innovative do not have a saw (and how could they, with not even a year's time away from each other) and are full of bugs? In a word: useless. far cry primal tiger All this for what, to try to do more money possible by removing them from the pockets of unknowing little kids or by the fake of fake gamers who at each trade show us with their equally unnecessary and malicious cosplay?

It is a pity. I swear. And it is even more failing to understand why, hoping that they are not really just money. You have had innovation and originality in your hands thanks to extraordinary concepts: now only desolation. I will never forgive you for totally destroying the emotion and meaning of one of my favorite sagas, Assassin's Creed. You are at the terminus, and it is only your fault. I greet you with the same words spoken to the dying like you by one of the biggest and charismatic modern video games, which you yourself have been able to evolve by making him die in an "animated" dick made with your feet: I will never even forgive you.

Requiescat in peace, Ubitroll.