Mass Effect

Let's talk about Andromeda's Mass effect: a few years have already passed since our last adventure as Commander Shepard, and the nostalgia of going around the galaxy is too much, so much so that the hype for the new Bioware title is sky-high, especially for fans of the old trilogy. Waiting for the release date, we try to be satisfied with these few but interesting information released by the manufacturer so far.

First of all, in Mass Effect Andromeda, as said by Aaryn Flynn, general manager of Bioware, we will always take the place of the human race, with all the pros and cons attached; moreover, apparently, Chris Schlerf, lead writer of Bioware and Mass Effect Andromeda itself, left Bioware Montreal to join Bungie to work on another project concerning another "space" title, Destiny, announcing however that this "move ”Wouldn't have affected the development of the full game (and we really hope so).

mass_effect_andromeda_e3 swordRecall that Mass Effect Andromenda will be presented in June in this year's E3; beyond this, we were also told through a tweet from lead producer Cameron Lee, that in the first hours of the game we will already have a lot to do between various fights, making us immediately immerse ourselves in the action. What can I say, we look forward to further news; meanwhile, let us know yours and if you have particular expectations!

If any of you haven't seen it yet, here is the announce trailer presented at the E3 2015, where you can see many but small details (unfortunately) and draw your equally small conclusions or ideas about what this title will be; we only know that our imagination immediately started "skyrocketing" as soon as we saw the superimposed writing "Discover a new galaxy", fomenting our hype.

I leave you a link here with other insights left in the Official Blog Bioware:

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