watch 1pLet's talk about Downgrade; Let's start by taking as an example Watchdogs: remember the hype they all had shortly before the exit? Remember the first gameplay or trailer presented? Well, now tell us sincerely if your expectations have been repaid with the release of this title. It is to be admitted that many of us are, in all likelihood, very demanding in regard to the titles that make our throats, traveling a lot of imagination; It is also true, however, that many times the end product is not entirely in line with what was presented.

Let's analyze the graphics of this title; Certainly we are all of the opinion (or I hope) that a good graphic sector is not always a sign of a great game but still has a noteworthy incidence in determining a good title with a well-made plot and a solid gameplay. By comparing the presentation that was made and what was actually the game once tested on our consoles, we can notice a remarkable downgrade in sight.

Demo gameplay 2013:

Demo gameplay 2014:

Surely all this is part of a commercial choice, since, whatever it is, if it is well presented, even better than it really is, it will capture much more attention. Whether it's right or wrong, judging it is the only thing for every player who decides to buy; surely, however, you have to be careful not to be blinded by the hype or a well-built trailer, without paying attention to what you really are facing.

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Let's remember that the example was used for the sole purpose of understanding the concept of our article.