When I was in 2015 at Collision Conference of Las Vegas looking for new titles to be reviewed, even for mobile devices, Scavenger Duels I was particularly struck by the beauty of the hand-made design and the simplicity of understanding the game's objective. In short, the story is this. Scavenger Duels You are an adventurer who reaches an unspecified place (Planet?) In which in a futuristic steampunk setting and in the middle of the desert, (Borderlands style), you will clash with certain opponents in both single player and multiplayer modes. You will go ahead in the progression of the character by unlocking new armaments, upgrades and avatars. Combat is based on a turn-based system, which initially may seem particularly easy, but in reality it is not. You will have basically some types of cards to play against your opponent and everything must be coordinated in bringing his life to zero. You will also have to manage, in addition to the objects in your inventory, two more parameters on your character, life and energy. Scavenger duels Your cards / objects in the backpack are divided into 3 macro-groups: cards that restore energy, cards that defend you from attacks (such as the shield), cards that allow you to attack the opponent by spending part of the available energy. Initially you will have one of each type, but as enemies pass your Scraps (screws) will increase and you can buy new weapons to use, which will increase your game strategy more and more. What is very interesting is the fact that you can challenge other people online, which for obvious reasons will give you a lot more trouble than AI and therefore will increase the degree of challenge you will encounter. The game has just landed on both iOS and Android, it's free and it's totally ad-free, at least for the moment. Obviously being a free to play something will have to earn and this happens through the simple sale of Scrap packages, but basically to unlock all the contents you are not obliged to buy them, you just have to play and accumulate, so a further point in favor of this team of development Tryad Games.

My opinion is that Scavenger Duels have a chance if you deserve it, maybe you can try it while waiting for a bus or have a spare time during your daily activities, and do not tell me there's no suggestion at Borderlands!