Rainbow Six ... Rainbow Six has always been one of the fps stickers on console consoles (on PC the competition is much more marked). Rainbow Six Siege has, however, been surrounded in recent days by many discordant opinions; different are the pros and cons of this title: let's analyze them in this review.

Let's be clear, from what was presented by that famous E3 2014 to today, we certainly expected a little more; it seemed finally to have reached the fps tactical title that everyone dreamed of: completely destructible environments, interesting ways with hostages and objectives to attack and defend ... well, the presentation of this title was certainly one of those that did more talk about himself in that E3.


Now, however, we have a title with an innovative but definitely poor content. Let's start with the modes: 4, only 4 mode and very similar to each other certainly are not enough to satiate the most hungry mouths and maybe have been waiting for this title for a couple of years. 20 are the operators to unlock with various weaponry and accessories to modify (2-3 for weapon and some skin), which are divided into 10 attackers and 10 defenders, all fairly balanced apart from the "Scudomen" that will often reveal too much invincible to the adventurous bullets, and then almost succumbed to a beautiful "shield" to close the conflict.


The maps are 10 and well structured, even if you expected some more wall to throw down, as seen in the first gameplay presented by Ubisoft, in fact, it seemed that you could destroy the entire building, go from an all 'another doing a simple hole in the floor with a break-in charge, but now it seems that the whole has been replaced with trapdoors to break into precise points of the rooms, so that the charges can be placed only in a few points on the map , in which most of the times you will not be able to pass your operator but at most fire on a poor opponent unaware of your presence, since there will be some "nice" wooden beams to obstruct the passage. Among the operators is present a single sniper armed with a semi-automatic rifle, which often will be almost completely useless since the maps and objectives will always be within the walls with all the windows barricades thus bringing conflict almost always inside.


Another unfortunate thing, unfortunately, is the inability to move goals and especially hostage; many times you will be forced to twist your defense plan only because the goal is placed in an uncomfortable and disadvantaged area, often bringing players willingly to try to end the game in deathmatch style and no longer following the actual target set ( almost always the matches will end with the killing of an entire team).

Graphically the title is acceptable, but you could certainly do something more; instead, as regards the visual effects such as smoke and various explosions, they have been recreated in a remarkable way; the same applies to the audio sector which overall is good and fairly well-kept in enclosed spaces. Point in favor, however, goes to the care of weapons and their characteristics: effects such as recoil and impacts have been almost faithfully taken from reality, making it very difficult to download an entire magazine with an automatic weapon in one place. Perhaps a little 'exaggerated the "splashes" of blood that escape from the bodies to the impact of the bullets, going almost entirely to paint the walls was not even a Tarantino movie.
The plot in this title is completely missing, apart from some single-player missions called "simulations" that seem to have been put there as a sugary for the most veterans of R6, who might have liked a plot like in previous titles .