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Steam China Alpha version

Steam: an Alpha Version released in China

With the "favor of the darkness" Valve arrives in the Chinese market with an Alpha version of its Steam PC client exclusively dedicated to China. Although this is - economically - a good move ...
Half-Life Alyx

Half-Life Alyx, the workshop on Steam for mods is open

Half-Life Alyx is Valve's latest masterpiece, a title that has been able to give strength to virtual reality and open its doors to a wider audience. But if its contents ...
Soldier Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 - Valve pays tribute to Rick May

A few weeks ago, the Team Fortress 2 community said goodbye to Rick May, the historic voice of the Soldier, who disappeared after contracting the Coronavirus. In the last few days Valve has wanted to pay homage to its weapons mate with an update to ...
LudoNarraCon Steam

Steam Sale - The LudoNarracon event starts

The Coronavirus does not stop independent developers and their titles from the narrative mold and use the Steam platform for their annual event: the LudoNarraCon 2020. For the next few days, until April 27, 2020, ...
Team Fortress 2 Counter Strike Source Code

Team Fortress 2 and CS: GO - Leaked the source code, players at risk!

Tragedy at Valve! The source code of the first Source Engine, the engine that gives life to many games of Gabe Newell's company including Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive, is ...

Steam Proton - With the latest update comes support for Doom Eternal

It is no mystery that Valve has some sympathy for other operating systems outside of Windows, so much so that Steam also supports platforms such as MacOS and Linux through the Steam Play initiative. In particular in recent years, the house of ...

Half-Life: Alyx - Here comes the mod that fills the screen with monsters

As it was easy to predict, the modders community is indulging in modifying Half-Life: Alyx with mods in the most disparate ways. After the mod that allows you to play without using a viewer for reality ...

Steam announces the Game Festival Summer Edition, to be held in June

Meanwhile we have all resigned ourselves to the absence of E3 2020, here Geoff Keighley emerges from the shadows to announce a new event. From 9 to 14 June the Steam Game Festival will be held ...
Soldier Team Fortress 2

Coronavirus - Farewell to the voice actor of the Soldier of Team Fortress 2

The world of video games mourns the disappearance of the voice actor Rick May, who died at the age of 79 from the Coronavirus which he contracted during a previous hospitalization due to a stroke he had ...
Half Life Alyx Title

Half-Life: Alyx, a mod finally allows you to play the full game without VR

Half-Life: Alyx is probably one of the best killer apps for virtual reality headsets, and since many players who don't have a VR are craving to know new details about one of the sagas ...

Valve is working on a new modular Steam Controller

The Steam Controller is undoubtedly one of the most original and at the same time controversial gaming peripherals ever. Direct consequence of the "Steam Machine" project, with which Valve tried to combine (failing) ...
Half-Life: Alyx VR

Half-Life Alyx: funny background from the developers

The transition from the development of conventional titles to that of VR titles can lead to inconveniences and this is exactly what happened for Valve during the development of Half-Life: Alyx. To tell ...

Steam - Exceeded previous record of active users

With quarantine in place on a global scale, the chances of having several players connected at the same time are increasing. And it is thanks to this factor that Steam, the platform managed by Valve, has succeeded ...

Valve wants to create infinite single player games thanks to Artificial Intelligence

Gabe Newell, the head of Valve, said that in the future thanks to Artificial Intelligence it will be possible to create infinite single player games.

Artifact, Beta 2.0 announced

With an announcement in the related section on Steam, Valve has announced the imminent departure of a closed beta for the relaunch of Artifact. The card game, initially created with the collaboration of Richard Garfield, was released ...

Half Life: Alyx - Review

Thirteen years have passed since that now distant, but never forgotten, Half Life 2: Episode 2. As everyone knows by now, the title left the adventures of our dear Gordon Freeman, Alyx Vance and ...

Future PS4 games will need to be compatible with PS5

Developers who publish their games on PlayStation 4 in the coming months will need to make sure they are compatible with Playstation 5, which is coming soon ...

Google Stadia PRO - Here are the free titles of June

The catalog of free titles for Google Stadia PRO members, the subscription service of the Google streaming gaming platform, will see ...

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