It would be logical to think that the major competitors of Netflix be TV channels or other streaming platforms, like HBO or Amazon Video, but it seems like that Fortnite is a rather relevant source of concern for Netflix executives.

The news came in a letter that was included in the Netflix fourth quarter results and stressed that the competition is not limited only to other streaming companies. It seems that the success of the game has the ability to influence the popular streaming service.

Here are the words of Netflix:

We are competing with (and we are losing with) Fortnite more than HBO. There are thousands of competitors who aim to entertain consumers in this highly fragmented market ... Our growth is based on how good our experience is compared to all other on-screen experiences among which consumers can choose.

While successful games can drive potential viewers away from Netflix, the opposite is also plausible, albeit on a smaller scale. Some developers will not want to launch a game on the same day that a major series arrives on Netflix. In short, it is a real war for people's free time!