The world of videogame entertainment is always evolving and Nintendomore than anyone else, it has always been a carrier of innovation rather than hardware improvements in terms of brute power.

No wonder then if in the future what the Kyoto society will propose on the market will be very different from what we are used to, even could stop producing home consoles. These were the words of the current president Shuntaro Furukawa, but it is good to contextualize:

In the gaming industry there is not much we can do to reduce the risks, our task is to offer our customers innovative and unique ways to have fun with our games.

However we are not closed with our consoles. We always offer our "Nintendo Experience" and this currently corresponds to Switch and related software, but the technologies change. We will continue to think flexibly on how to provide this experience over time.

For example, in the long term, our focus as a company could also move from home consoles to other sectors, for us flexibility is as important as ingenuity.

Words that scare those who can not see a Nintendo far from home consoles, but it is good to stress that the words of Furukawa are part of a 'interview with Nikkei, an economic newspaper aimed at a certain type of user that makes money the most important aspect of a company.

In any case, as the president himself pointed out, Nintendo has always been one flexible company, starting from the production of cards, from consoles to smartphones, to the purest merchandising, the landing at the cinema and the construction of amusement parks. A different future is at least plausible, but that Nintendo will no longer produce home console is everything to see.