Despite the fact that nothing is known about the game, The Last of Us: Part 2 is one of the most anticipated titles by the owners of PlayStation 4.

We do not have any release date nor do we know officially what the playable modalities will be in addition to the obviously present story, but probably the Naughty Dog title will also offer the multiplayer online.

According to what is possible to read from a job adin fact, the software house is in search of its own a figure that can devote himself to the multiplayer sector of the title:

We are looking for a Multiplayer Server Programmer that you love building a stable and secure ecosystem of services for players. It will introduce them in the whole multiplayer experience, from the first access, through the matchmaking, guaranteeing rewards that the players can use to personalize their characters in store.

One speaks therefore also of one in-game store which, just as in the first chapter, could exploit them microtransactions to get more powerful items and weapons for our characters.

At the moment in any case there is no official information about it, so we just have to wait for more precise information on The Last of Us: Part 2.