Also the NASA is entering the advertising campaign of the latest Avengers movie. The American space agency wants to help save Tony Stark from his difficult situation, seen in the new trailer of Avengers: Endgame.

In uno scambio di battute epico su Twitter, l’agenzia ha offerto alcuni consigli su come salvare Stark. Ha consigliato al resto degli Avengers di provare a captare un segnale di Stark del tipo "Avengers, we have a problem". In the event that Stark's communications were disconnected, NASA recommended that field teams "use all resources" to scour the skies and find Stark.

As you can see, Marvel Studios replied to the tweet from NASA saying that he appreciates the help. Also, if you zoom in on one of the tables at the back of the image you can see a label with "Thor" and a hammer. NASA explained in another tweet that THOR is an acronym that stands for "Thermal Operations and Resource".