Just Cause 4 it has just been published on PC and the site dsogaming decided to test it using an EVGA GeForce RTX2080Ti XC Gaming. For this benchmark the most recent drivers (417.22) were used, all the graphic settings at most with the anti-aliasing disabled and the result was ... quite disappointing, considering the monstrous video card.

NVIDIA's most powerful graphics card is not able to offer 60fps constant in 4K, with the aforementioned graphics settings. The GPU was able to perform the first two missions with a minimum of 50 fps and an average of 57 fps. Furthermore, the game seems unable to take full advantage of the power of the GPU, for no apparent reason.

As you can see from the screenshots, the GPU is used at 91-95%. Reducing the resolution to 1440p usage remains unchanged while the framerate is splitting to 97 fps. So certainly there is no limitation on the part of the graphics card but, more likely, it is a problem of programming the title.

Just Cause 4 also suffers from a terrible pop-in and presents several problems with shadows. Also, under certain lighting conditions, the game looks really bad (visually). In short, not a top job.