When it comes to "useless protests", the ultrà of the whole world are certainly among the major exponents. The protagonists of this episode are the Swiss Young Boys, current champions of the Swiss Serie A. During yesterday's big match against Basel, the ultras started throwing tennis balls and, above all, some PlayStation controllers. The match at the Stade de Suisse was suspended by the referee for a couple of minutes, while a large banner representing a "pause" key was dropped from the stands. The protest was also supported by Basel-host fans, who in turn showed a "patch" with phrases of approval.

Young Boys

The reason for the protest? The decision by the Swiss Football League to create its own eSport league. Decision taken, obviously, with the approval of the top-flight companies (and not only): Basel, for example, already has its own team. Reading the release of the fans posted on Facebook, the motivations behind this choice are two.
The first consists of the usual, cloying, as stupid as disarming rhetoric of "the regazzini must play football, if they must peel the knees, not if they have to rincojonì before 'no screen!". Assuming that one thing should not exclude the other, I would be curious to see what titles educators, psychologists or pediatricians can boast. Of one thing, however, I can say that I am certain: "traditional" education has created a large number of deviant individuals, such as the ultras. Just avoiding my future of this kind would not be enough for me to play video games, but also to buy a Nintendo console if it were to serve the purpose.
The second, perhaps a little more sought after, puts profit in the middle. "Is all this the price for the profit? We are not there! ", concludes the note. Interesting, pity that they should remember to live in capitalism, a system based on profit. The Young Boys who follow around the stadiums is itself the result of profit, incentivized by the huge sums of money that pay weekly to the president (boss) of the company. To be against profit we must be against capitalism, to be against capitalism we must be socialist. Profit can not be brought into play only when it is convenient because it lacks arguments. GAME OVER.