Players Overwatch who rely on third-party apps to track and improve their performance in Overwatch have been warned that the continued use of such apps could lead to a ban.

Blizzard support sent an email to some Overwatch players advising them to stop using third-party apps like Pursuit and Visor. The two services are mainly used by players looking to improve their performance in competitive games.

Although they work differently, their goals are similar because they provide a range of information and data that are not readily available in-game or that require navigation through different menus.

Visor takes it a step further by offering real-time tips that guide players through certain tasks. Tracking is a more direct service that generates a detailed analysis of personal performance and outlines weaknesses and areas for improvement. Here is what was stated by Blizzard in the email:

These programs offer benefits that are not normally achievable in the game and compromise the integrity of the gaming environment. This is just a warning and we're not penalizing your Blizzard or Overwatch account right now. Continued use of unauthorized third-party programs will result in actions taken against your account.