He had been talking about it for a long time with clues and rumors, then always denied by it Blizzard, but now it is practically official: Diablo III - Eternal Collection will come up Nintendo Switch. Forbes has published several details announcing the reveal that should take place today: not even the time to realize the error that all the information had already ended up Reddit.

Diablo III - Eternal Collection will contain all the DLCs gone out until now, in addition to some exclusive additional content for the Japanese hybrid console ed inspired by The Legend of Zelda:

  • Ganondorf skin set
  • a Triforce banner
  • a Coccò as a pet
  • ali Echoes of the Mask

Beyond that, on Nintendo Switch there will also be some exclusive multiplayer game modes, which take advantage of the console's portability:

  • Up to 4 players together on a single Switch.
  • Up to 4 players on 4 different console Switch without Internet connection.
  • Players can also team up online with the Nintendo Switch Online service (which will be launched in September).

An announcement that is missing the official which will come very soon: Diablo III - Eternal Collector will have a cost of dollars 60 and it should be available by this year.