The wait is over: all the players of Fortnite can finally return to play the title of epic Games with all the innovations introduced by 5 season. After a scheduled maintenance lasting a few hours, during which it was impossible to play, everything is back to normal and you can officially start the new season.

Here are some of lots of news introduced with the new update, including the possibility of use motion sensors in the Nintendo Switch version of the game:

  • New Pass Battle
  • Off-road karting
  • Fissures (Real Battle)
  • New biome: Desert
  • New location: Heavenly Palm Grove
  • New location: Borgo Bislacco
  • New locations without name
  • The lighting effects use less memory. This reduces the size of the patches and the loading times
  • Heavy rifles now indicate how many projectiles fire (visible data in the lattice)

These are just some of the many new features introduced by 5 season di Fortnite; for all the details (including the Save the world mode) you can follow this link, which will take you to the official page of the product.