Now Battlefield V has been confirmed, DICE has kicked off a long advertising campaign and is already publishing some juicy information about the game.

The official reveal of Battlefield V will be held on May 24 but DICE has written a post on the blog that has already leaked some clues. To begin with, and as suggested by previous reports, the single player campaign of Battlefield V will follow in the footsteps of Battlefield 1.

Then the structure of the will return War Stories. In Battlefield 1, the campaign has followed several protagonists in different phases and in different war theaters and each of them has had a couple of autonomous missions.

Although the blog post does not mention which theaters of war will be represented (DICE has not yet confirmed the setting), he made it clear that they will be "unexpected".

If it ends up being set in World War II, it would be nice to see the battles of the Pacific and the Eastern Front represented instead of always the same activity as the Western Front represented in virtually any game set at that time.

We also talk about exciting gameplay changes but we're still not sure what it really means. we just have to wait for the official reveal at the end of the month.




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