It seems not to pass a day without rumor on the next chapters of Pokémon for Nintendo Switch: after the information shown three days ago, here are many new alleged leak on the titles under development from Game Freak for the Japanese hybrid console.

In fact, for a few hours information has been circulating about the two new chapters which, it seems, will be called Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu e Pokémon let's Go! Eevee; as it is understandable then the symbol creatures will be Pikachu e Eevee, and this would lead to a kind of reboot of the series.

The two games would be one remake of Yellow Pokémon and the two historical characters, Red e Blue, will be part of the plot even if the protagonists will be a new coach and a new rival. We will again have a Pokémon that will follow us during the adventure, and the MN will not be as invasive as in the past but will resume the formula of Pokémon Sun and Moon; online will be very important and players can take advantage of a real central hub to organize fights and exchanges.

The word "Go" in the title does not seem to be put at random, since the two games will be able to interact with Pokémon GO, with some mechanics (like the capture) shooting in part right from the title for iOS and Android devices.

If then we also put Junichi Masuda ...

Really so much meat on the fire that, according to the rumor, should be unveiled all really soon, with the final exit of Pokémon Let's Go! Pikachu e Pokémon let's GO! Eevee by this year.