Phoenix Point is the new creature of Julian Gollop, the creator of the very first X-COM, and promises to keep the spirit of the original, while introducing many other novelties. The game promises well, and thanks to this it enjoys a campaign of crowdfunding really explosive - but the original launch date, scheduled for December 2018, will not be respected.

Phoenix Point it has indeed been postponed to June of the 2019, although the good news is that the motivation must be sought precisely in the great ambitions of Gollop: in fact, the team of developers is growing and the same quality expected for the finished product has been upward magazine. Gollop admits that, at least in part, the development of Phoenix Point it was also slower than expected but that the main reason remains in any case that of the quality of the finished videogame. Self the kinship with XCOM is evident from the gameplay videos distributed so far, the game it differs even in important ways, especially on the strategic level, and so far it looks very well.

Gollop himself gave the announcement in a video that you can see below, e in a post on the official blog. The dev has provided further details on the postponement of Phoenix Point and on the Snapshot Games team that works there. He also thanks the numerous backers the crowdfunding, which will soon be able to try the new version of the Backer Build - a demo whose patch notes are available here.