Days Gone is another great exclusivity, at least from what you can see from the videos, which will arrive at the beginning of 2019 PlayStation 4: we certainly expect to see it again at the E3 2018, but already from an interview to Game Informer the creative director John Garvin he talked about the longevity of the game.

According to Garvin they will serve at least thirty hours, but a lot will also depend on the approach that players will have during the adventure: being very cautious, carefully explore all the settings and pay attention to even secondary events will lengthen the hours of play a lot, as is obvious.

The duration in hours is certainly not enough to be able to fully judge the longevity of the title, since it will be the rhythm of play and variety is also very important, but we can be satisfied with the at least thirty hours that will serve to complete the only main adventure of Days Gone.