The 4 March, election day, is about to come, and it's been weeks since we've heard the various politicians talk about their programs and why we should vote for them instead of the other parties. Among several hosted on television and rallies in the square, what we witness is more often a verbal fight and probably this was born the last fighting for iOS e Android: Italian Political Challenge.

The game will put us in the shoes of one of the most famous Italian politicians in a fight one vs one; the graphic sector is in 2D and will certainly not squeeze your smartphone, but the irony with which everything is realized is appreciable, with various special strokes similar to the various characters (Berlusconi will throw the money, Meloni the Italian flag and so on), with the most repeated phrases attached, until the exhaustion of our beloved beniamini.

In the roster we find Mussolini, Alfano, Grillo, Meloni, Di Maio, Bersani, Gasparri, Salvini, Renzi, D'Alema, Sgarbi, Raggi, Fedeli, Berlusconi and Grasso and we do not have any in-app purchases; the whole is in fact supported by advertising banners. In short, if you could not wait to see the Italian politicians give them away, Italian Political Challenge for Android e iOS it's what's right for you.