Finally that "incoming prizes for Nintendo Switch" on the My Nintendo will become something concrete. The Japanese company has announced, through the various social channels, that from March it will be possible to convert their gold points into credit to buy titles in the eShop of Nintendo Switch.

The conversion rate will be 1 cents for each gold point and, as always, the validity of the points will be twelve months; the converted credit can also be used as a difference if we do not have enough money on the card linked to our account and all purchases can be made either from the console eShop or from the site.

The conversion rate of our purchases in gold points has undergone a change: every stock bought on eShop will entitle 5% of the value of the game in gold points, while physical games will give the 1% of gold points calculated on the price of the same game on eShop; for all the details you can read the announcement on the official Nintendo site.