Do you remember that cell phone app that prompted us to go home and run like dementia looking for 3D representations of animals that do not exist in the real world? As it was called ... already, Pokémon GO!

Se Sun e moon for Nintendo 3DS there have already come to mind, The Pokémon Company e Niantic announce today the much-anticipated update that will eventually bring many new creatures from the second generation of games Nintendo, Gold e Silver, on the title for smart devices that exploits increased reality.

Among them, in the week, we will find the iconic starter Totodile, Chicorita e Cyndaquil, together with Hoothoot, Corsola, Hoppip and many others. Following are the announcement trailers and the press release issued by the Italian press office of The Pokémon Company.

And you, will you come back to play or the magic has finally gone out?

The world of Pokémon GO has expanded!


A new game update introduces Pokémon that were originally discovered in Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver Version as well as dynamics of updated Pokémon Encounters, new evolutionary options, new berries, and so many personalization items.

San Francisco, 15 February 2017 - Niantic, Inc. and The Pokémon Company International announced that more 80 Pokémon will start appearing later this week Pokémon GO. These are Pokémon originally discovered in the Johto region of video games Pokémon Gold Version e Pokémon Silver Version, among which Chikorita, Cyndaquil e Totodile. Trainers will encounter these wild Pokémon during their adventures as they explore neighborhoods and cities in an attempt to capture Pokémon. In addition to the appearance of these unpublished Pokémon in Pokémon GO, the new update will bring with it new game mechanics that Coaches will have to learn about, including a new way of meeting, new evolution tools, two new berries, and the ability to personalize their avatars with different clothing and accessories .

"Today marks a very important date for Pokémon GO who sees us welcome more Pokémon and develop match and capture mechanics for a global community of enthusiastic coaches of this game, "said John Hanke, founder and managing director of Niantic, Inc."Pokémon GO it is a live experience that we will continue to support and develop in ever newer and more interesting ways for years to come. "

"With Pokémon GO, Pokémon Company International has striven to create an engaging game based on the idea of ​​meeting and capturing Pokémon in the real world, "said JC Smith, Consumer Marketing Director for The Pokémon Company International. "What millions of Pokémon fans today and yesterday around the world have responded so hard is an unprecedented fact. Introducing these Pokémon, in this new and addictive way of having fun with the Pokémon brand, is our way to make this adventure never end. "

With the latest update of Pokémon GO, players will discover new evolutionary possibilities: they will be able to use tools to make their Pokémon evolve in Pokémon discovered originally in the Johto region. In addition, during the capture of Pokémon, Trainers can now use two berries: the Baccabana, which slows the movements of the Pokémon, and the Baccananas, which doubles the amount of candy collected if the next capture attempt is successful. Finally, Trainers will also be able to customize their avatar with a selection of hats, t-shirts, pants and other entirely new items. Additional items will also be available soon for purchase through the app within the store Pokémon GO.

The Pokémon GO app can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS device users and the Google Play Store for Android users. A version of. Is also available on the App Store Pokémon GO for Apple Watch. Finally, to support the latest update, Nintendo's Pokémon GO Plus will be available again in many stores (while stocks last). This device allows Trainers to capture Pokémon and collect tools by pressing a button without having to look at the screen of their device.

Source: The Pokémon Company