The Official Presentation of Nintendo Switch, the new consul of the Kyoto House, took place as scheduled this morning at five, directly from Tokyo. Nintendo and the acting president, Tatsumi Kimishima, announced a price for the Japanese (29.980 Yen) and American (299 $) markets as well as a worldwide release date: March 3 2017.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch will be totally free region and you will enjoy online services who will be excused from launch until the fall of this year, and then request a paid subscription for which details are not yet known. You can interact, via smartphones, to invite friends to play through apps. The console can be used in three ways: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode e Handheld Mode. The battery will last for two hours and a half to six and a half hours and will be rechargeable via a door USB-C.

The main controllers, Joy-Con, will be equipped with motion control, NFC sensor and key share to capture images and video. In addition to the gray color, they will be available in red and blue coats, and will allow two players to play simultaneously even without the use of a screen, taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by technology HD Rumble, shown thanks to the launch title 1-2 Switch.

Among the other games shown are the interesting ones ARMS, a combination of boxing and shooter that will exploit the new control system perfection as well Splatoon 2, success story sequel to Wii U, updated with new weapon types including dual guns usable with motion controls.

Could certainly miss the most beloved whip plumber in the world? In addition to the version Deluxe di Mario barth 8, the Nintendo mascot will be the protagonist of a new adventure called Super Mario Odyssey, which shakes the eye on Mario 64 fans but brings the character to the setting never seen before. The release is scheduled for Christmas of the current year.

Japanese gaming fans will be happy to know that Monolith Soft is at work on Xenoblade 2, sequel of title released on Wii while KOEI TECMO GAMES is realizing Fire Emblem Warriors, union between the strategic of Intelligent Systems and the franchise Musou. SQUARE ENIX plays card of DRAGON QUEST, confirming the tenth and eleventh chapter on Switch and announcing it DRAGON QUEST HEROES I + II, compilation of titles already available on PS4, along with the mysterious Project OCTOPATH TRAVELER. ATLUS we are astonished by announcing a new iteration of Shin Megami Tensei which exploits the Unreal Engine 4 while SUDA51 confirms being at work on a new one No More Heroes.

From the western front, Bethesda confirm porting of Skyrim e EA the landing of FIFA on the new platform. A trailer shows so many new titles that have not yet been announced, including Bomberman, Sonic and the new ULTRA STREET FIGHTER II, of which I can not wait to find out more.

The presentation closed with a new trailer and a release date for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which will be available at the launch of the console, scheduled for 3 March. Pending technical specifications and an Italian price, we leave you to the press release published by Nintendo Italia, with all the details on the announced titles.


Nintendo unveils upcoming games and new hardware features

January 13 2016 - Today Nintendo has announced that Nintendo Switch, its new console, will be launched at the same time worldwide on Friday 3 March.

The box will include the console, the Joy-Con right and left controllers, a Joy-Con handle (Joy-Con Joy-Con Joins to form a controller), a set of Joy-Con laces, the base for Nintendo Switch (which houses the console and connects to the TV), an HDMI cable, and a power supply block. There will be two versions of the console: one with the Joy-With Gray and one with a Joy-With blue neon and a red neon.

"Nintendo Switch is an innovative home console that offers a variety of gaming styles," said Tatsumi Kimishima, president of Nintendo. "We will present to the world the unprecedented entertainment experiences made possible by the unique features of Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con hardware."

Nintendo Switch is a revolutionary home console that not only connects to home TV, but also turns into a portable gaming system thanks to its 6,2 inch screen. For the first time, players can enjoy a complete home console experience anytime and anywhere. The screen is capacitive and supports multi-touch in compatible games. The battery can provide more than 6 hours of autonomy, but the duration varies depending on the software and usage conditions. For example, with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the battery guarantees about three hours of play. When you are away from home, you can charge Nintendo Switch by plugging the power supply block to the Type-C USB connector on the console.

The versatile Joy-Con offers so many new and amazing ways to play and have fun. You can use the two Joy-Cons independently, holding them one by one, or using them together as if they were a unique controller with the Joy-Con handle. You can also connect to the console to use it in portable mode, and by giving one to a friend you can play two in the supported games. Each Joy-Con has a complete set of buttons, so it can be considered as an independent controller. In addition, each Joy-Con includes an accelerometer and a motion sensor, allowing controllers to perform independent movements.

Nintendo Switch also includes several features that make it more interactive. The Joy-Con left has a catch button that players can press to capture game images to share with friends on social networks. The Joy-Right right includes an NFC sensor that allows you to interact with the amiibo, as well as a motion IR camera that can detect the distance, shape, and movement of nearby objects in specially created games. This allows the controller, for example, to measure how far a player's hand is, and even to distinguish between stone, paper and scissors. Both Joy-Con include an advanced HD rumble function, which can perform much more realistic vibrations than in previous games in compatible games. The effect is so detailed that a player might, for example, feel the vibration of individual ice cubes clashing in a glass when Joy-Con agitates. Rumble HD guarantees a realism otherwise unattainable only with sound and graphics.

With Nintendo Switch, staying connected with other players is easier: wirelessly, they can connect to each other up to the 8 console. Players can rest the console anywhere with its integrated stand, then share Joy-Con to have fun together away from the TV. The console will support multiplayer gaming via Wi-Fi. Nintendo also unveiled a new online subscription service that will be free to launch. The service includes a smart app application available from the summer 2017, which will allow players to invite friends to play online, set up game appointments, and chat while playing with compatible titles. The paid service will be available in the fall.

Nintendo Switch will count on the support of third-party developers such as Activision, EA, Take 2, Ubisoft and major Japanese publishers. Some of these partners, such as Bethesda, join forces for the first time with those of Nintendo. The players will be approached on the famous Nintendo Switch series such as FIFA, The Elder Scrolls and NBA 2K. Titles for Nintendo Switches do not include territorial blocks.

Unique console and Joy-Con capabilities combine with the innovations of the previous Nintendo consoles to create the Nintendo's most flexible and full-featured console as ever, as demonstrated by the great variety of unique games that will launch in the summer and at Christmas 2017, created by both Nintendo and its partners. From the amazing open-world experience of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at the festive atmosphere of 1-2-Switch, the Nintendo Switch offering is suitable for everyone.

Nintendo games selected

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: get ready for the biggest Legend of Zelda adventure ever. While remaining true to the origins of this legendary series, this title introduces an open-world world and many innovations. Explore a huge game map and discover more of 100's trial shrines, as well as a variety of weapons, clothes and equipment. Once you start playing, you will not want to stop and with Nintendo Switch, you will not need to, as the new console allows you to play whenever and wherever you want. The game is compatible with the theme amiibo The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary, theamber of wolf link and the new ambit of the series The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In addition to the already announced Link (horseback), Link (with the bow) e guardian, the amber series The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will also include new Zibo and Boblin amusements. The ambit of this series are larger and more detailed, especially the one of the Guardian is also equipped with articulated arts. With The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild players will experience the Nintendo Switch experience at launch of the 3 March console. There will also be a Limited Edition of the game, which includes a CD with the soundtrack and the statue of the supreme revival.

1-2-Switch: this is the first Nintendo game where players challenge themselves in spellbinding activities by looking into their eyes instead of fixing the screen of the TV. From Far West-style dueling to mini-games where you have to copy the opponent's dance steps, 1-2-Switch Make creative use of the many features of the Nintendo Switch to make your party fun any time and everywhere. 1-2-Switch will be available at the launch of the Nintendo Switch, the 3 March.

ARMS: based on a unique multiplayer combat sport that allows you to shoot shots using stretching arms, this game includes boxing and shooter elements, as well as a cast of brand new characters. After customizing a wrestler by choosing between a variety of arms, the player grabs a Joy-Con by hand and punches with the right and the left. Characters can jump and shoot, and players can bend their shots by turning their wrists. As they become familiar with the game, players will discover more sophisticated advanced tactics. You can challenge the CPU, face a friend on a split screen using a second set of Joy-Con (sold separately) and fight against other rivals online or wireless. ARMS will be available in spring.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: With Nintendo Switch, fans will enjoy the final version of Mario barth 8 where and when they want, even playing in local multiplayer 8. All of your favorite Wii U version of characters and circuits are back, along with all downloadable content. And new characters arrive: the boy and the girl Inkling of Splatoon, Re Boo, Tartos and Bowser Junior! In addition, the battle mode has been expanded and includes battle balloons and Bob-omba rugs, with all new circuits such as the Urban Periphery and Kartodromo, as well as some returns such as the Luigi Palace Mario Kart: Double Dash! for Nintendo GameCube and 1 War Path Super Mario Kart for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Now players can bring two items at a time, some of which make their way back from previous games such as Boo, the stolen ghost, and feather, which lets you jump very high in battle mode. Players can also choose to use the unused helpline, which makes it easier to stay on track for beginners and children, even for the 200cc class. Play locally or online in TV mode with a maximum resolution of 1080p. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will be available in April.

Splatoon 2: The traditional 4 molluscs mix against 4 make their return to this sequel to Splatoon, with new levels, new modes and new weapons such as the splat gun set. Players can challenge themselves on TV or when they're around. Using the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (sold separately) or Joy-Con, players can aim using motion sensors. Splatoon 2 it supports both online multiplayer and local player. The game is also compatible with the voice chat of the new Smartphone app for Nintendo Switch (available from summer 2017), and will be updated with new maps, weapons and clothing after launch, as happened for the original game. The release of Splatoon 2 is scheduled for the summer.

Super Mario Odyssey: This is Mario's first game in sandbox style from the time of Super Mario 64 for Nintendo 64 e Super Mario Sunshine for Nintendo GameCube. Mario jumps out of the Kingdom of Mushrooms and leaves for a journey through mysterious places rich in new adventures and experiences, such as swirling the skies on a flying boat and the unprecedented ability to launch the hat. The arrival of Super Mario Odyssey is scheduled for late 2017 holidays.

Snipperclips - Give It a Cut !: In this new kind of puzzle action game, players communicate, cooperate and use their imagination to solve simple and more complex puzzles, by cutting out paper characters to make them look different. Play alone or with a friend in the main mode, then organize a larger group to solve puzzles for up to four players or compete in other activities. Snipperclips - Let's cut it! will be released in March, in the Nintendo eShop.

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